Track your child's growth

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Check that your child's growth is on track


Growth charts let you see your child's progress over time and compare it to the growth of a healthy child of a comparable build. They are used by pediatricians to detect failure to thrive.
The app includes the most authoritative growth reference with percentiles:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Ideal for breastfed babies and children around the world.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Best for formula-fed babies and North American children.

Fenton 2003 for preterm babies

Dedicated chart for premature babies.


“I love the fact that you can choose which growth chart you want”


Easily maintain growth records

Ready when you are

No account or password to remember.
No Internet connection required.

Fast, flexible input

Speedy entry with on-the-fly unit conversion and autocorrect.

Your data at your disposal

Share and print

Export to CSV, PDF, JPEG.
Send as a formatted email.
Print wirelessly as PDF.

AirDrop and file transfer

AirDrop or email your data to other iPhones or iPads. Great for sharing with the other parent.


“Very helpful”

“This application has helped me keep better track on my daughters' progress. Love it.”


For every parent

All ages: babies, toddlers, children, teens

Continue tracking growth long after the days of diaper tracking and breastfeeding are over. This dedicated app will outlive baby apps.

Official and custom charts

Choose the official WHO and CDC templates used by pediatricians or dynamic charts automatically tailored to your child's lifespan.

Compare siblings

Display multiple children together to compare their growth as they age.


Dedicated preterm charts and corrected age support for premature babies.

“Easy to use”

“Straightforward, simple to use. Love not having to guess at the charts- this tells you the exact percentage for weight, height, and head circ!”