How do I transfer data to my husband, wife, or my second device?

On the home screen, tap the action button and Export All. You can also tap the action button on the chart page to only send the data for one child. If both your devices support AirDrop, then simply tap the account to which you wish the send the data. Otherwise email the data and open this email on the second device and tap the attachment (use the Apple Mail app, as other apps such as GMail and Outlook interfere with opening the attachment) or save the file to a cloud storage system such as DropBox and open it from there.

Is my data backed up?

Your data is backed up to iTunes or to iCloud (depending on your settings) like any app data. However bad things can happen with iTunes and iCloud backups and your child’s growth is not the sort of data that you would like to lose, so I recommend that you use any of the export features to keep a copy, such as the Export All Data option on the main screen, or the Send email feature.

I am replacing my iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. How do I retain my data?

Back up your old device to iCloud or iTunes, if not already done. Then when setting up your new device, restore from your backup.

How can I tell if my child is underweight, overweight or obese?

For children ages 2 and over, BMI is generally used to categorize weight status, as done with adults. The difference with adults is that the BMI ranges corresponding to underweight, healthy, overweight and obese categories fluctuate significantly with the age of the child, therefore BMI percentiles rather than BMI scores are used. A BMI percentile over 95% indicates obesity, over 85% is considered overweight, and under 5% underweight (source: this CDC web page). Growth with its in-app upgrade (or Growth+) computes both BMI scores and BMI percentiles automatically to make such categorization easy.

Are the charts representative of breastfed babies?

The WHO charts are based on breastfed babies, while the CDC charts are based on primarily formula-fed babies in the USA. More details are available on this CDC web page

How do I chart multiple children simultaneously?

Open the first child. Tap the settings (wheel) icon, then tap “Add A Child” and select an additional child. You can repeat to add more children if desired.

How do I delete a child?

On the home screen, tap Edit in the top left corner. Then tap the red minus button next to the child and choose Delete.

Is iCloud supported?

Not at present. AirDrop support makes data transfer easy, which lessens the need for iCloud. iCloud sync is currently considered to be overly risky and demanding in software engineering and in customer support.

Is my data private?

Yes. We don’t see your data. For more details see the privacy policy.

Why are the premium features not free?

This app supports me as an indendent app developer (and also a parent) and represents months of work. It is ad-free and the upgrade (offering unlimited children, BMI, percentiles beyond one year and data import, for lifetime use on any number of devices) contributes to the continued development of this app. I am grateful for your support!

I have other questions

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